Our operating hours will vary with the season and the weather. Please check back here, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our for updates.

During Christmas Trees season, we are open weekends in December, from dawn to dusk. Need to come midweek? Just give us a call or send us a text or an email to make sure someone will be available to assist you.

There is plenty of free parking on site.

At present, we have a portable washroom supplied by Chantler’s Environmental.

Dogs are welcome. Please respect other guests and our neighbours; and keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times. Lots of children visit the farm during the Christmas season and some of them may be afraid of dogs. Please do not allow your dog to urinate on the trees – no one wants that in their living room! And please clean up after your pet.

We accept cash, along with major credit and debit cards.

Christmas Trees

We don’t! We would be happy to shake your tree and bale it in candy cane netting free of charge. Our baler can handle trees only up to about nine feet in height. If you plan to bring home a larger tree, it would be best to bring a trailer or other suitable vehicle.

No, but you can borrow one for free! We have plenty of small saws and we would be happy to lend one to you. You are also welcome to bring your own saw.

Dress for the weather and for rough or uneven terrain. During Christmas Tree season, we recommend warm, wind- and water-resistant outerwear as well as good winter boots. Cricket Creek Farm is a working farm, which means that you can expect to find uneven ground, deadfurrows, tree stumps, tall grasses, mud, manure, old fences, and other potential slip and trip hazards. There are several ponds and streams on the property – please keep yourselves, your children, and your pets well away from these. Winter hazards include ice, open water, packed snow, and slippery conditions. Please keep children away from tractors and farm equipment. Take your time, be careful, watch your step – and enjoy.