Covid-19 Protocols


We’ve synthesized advice and rules from the Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, the province, and the local public health unit, to develop the following:

  • This will be an entirely outdoor event.  Normally, we offer free hot apple cider and hot chocolate in an enclosed, heated space.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to do so this year.  We will also not be offering hay rides this year. 
  • To help out during the pandemic and to reflect the fact that the experience may not be quite as full as in years past, we’ve reduced our price from $50 per tree to $40 per tree.
  • We will be wearing facemasks and we encourage customers to do so as well.
  • We’ve expanded our field parking area to allow lots of space for customers to get in and out of their vehicles; and to load their trees.
  • We will limit attendance if it becomes necessary to ensure physical distancing or to comply with whatever rules may be in place by the various levels of government at that time.  We have 100 acres here, so there is plenty of space.  We will erect signage to assist with physical distancing at check-in and check-out.
  • Pedestrian traffic will be one-way, from a check-in station, through the trees to check-out.  We’ve created multiple paths perpendicular to the rows of trees so that customers can travel in a loop from arrival, through the trees, and back to the shaking/baling/check-out station.
  • We’ll be cordoning off the shaking and baling stations and limiting access to employees only.  The baled tree will be returned to the customer to be loaded into the customer’s vehicle.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in and check-out.
  • We will be disinfecting check-in and check-out surfaces regularly using an approved (DIN numbered) sanitizer.
  • We will continue to make saws available to customers.  We will spray the saws with an approved sanitizer and rotate their use (last in, first out) after each customer’s use.  We encourage customers to bring their own saws.
  • We will still accept cash, but we offer and strongly encourage cashless payment (we accept debit and credit, with tap).
  • We will screen ourselves in accordance with the local public health unit screening guidelines and encourage customers to do so as well. If a customer is unable to pass the screening we respectfully request that the customer stay home. 
  • We will maintain physical distancing and ask that customers please maintain their distance from us and other customers.
  • We will be displaying signage reminding customers of the public health safety protocols.
  • We typically do very little retail apart from the trees.  The experience here is intended to be that of a relaxing day in the country.  This year, we will be continue to sell locally produced honey from Seventh Heaven Apiary and maple syrup from the 4M Maple Company, but nothing else, apart from trees.

We are blessed with a lot of space, fresh air, and lovely trails through the property and we invite our customers to enjoy their visit to the farm by taking a long walk, seeing our Hereford cattle (Rosie and Glamorous), and enjoying everything that Hockley Valley has to offer while they are here.